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Clown Tom Bolton’s photo gallery

Photos of Tom performing at outdoor festivals & trade-fairs.

Here are some pictures of Clown Tom Bolton in action. Large happy crowds enjoying Tom’s entertainment for all ages, cultures and classes. Whether for a city festival, business event or private party; it’s just fun and can be the highlight of your next event. Tom adapts each show to his audience so that is equally enjoyable for adults as much as children.

Tom has over 30 years experience as a professional performer.

He’s displayed his fast actioned comedy shows in over 50 countries world-wide. He is most often to be seen in his adopted city of Stuttgart and the surrounding region of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany. But Clown Tom Bolton is also available for events throughout the world. His use of quick-witted improvisation makes every show a unique experience. He provokes comical situations but always in a respectful way that makes his participants to heroes rather than victims.


Clown Tom’s shows are full of action.

His emphasis is on creating laughter but he also uses highly technical skills like juggling and unicycling. He entertains audiences without speaking, eliminating barriers of language or deafness. Tom is himself an avid hobby photographer. He understands the technical difficulties of getting good shots of a performance. While the motion of his juggling always attract attention, it is hard to capture in a photo. His tip: concentrate on his body posture rather than what he has in his hand. Most importantly, focus on his audience and Tom’s relationship to them. This is not only what makes a good picture but what determines good entertainment. Not what the performer is doing per se but how he is reacting with his audience. Many artists tell their onlookers to scream and yell but if they truly enjoy it will be seen in thier faces. Real laughter is hard to fake.

Tom’s show contains 100% of the daily recommended dosage of laughter, which supports your natural immune system and health. For more information contact your doctor or pharmacist.


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