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Birthday party entertainment

Outside of the circus, what is more fitting for a clown than to perform at a birthday party? Compared to commercial events, birthday entertainment is easy. Nobody is looking to sell a product or get new customers. The only object is to have fun.  Yet not everyone is amused by the same things. Clowns are often associated with kids’ entertainment and not necessarily very interesting for adults. But modern clowns like Tom are different. They focus on comedy that fits to every audience big and small. And many gags work the same for different ages, just with a different tempo. Finding the universal humor that appeals to all is the goal of a true clown.

Clown entertainment for birthdays

Hiring a live performer is not the cheapest option available. Thus most people tend to do it for their milestone birthdays when reaching 40, 50, 60, 70 or even 80 years of age. But you’ll never be too old to feel your inner child with Tom’s assistance. Many choose to have Tom come to make a show as the highlight of the party for all of the guests. Others opt for a more complete package with Tom also going between the tables or wherever people are congregating to do situational improvisation. This can even be done at the beginning to greet the guests as they arrive and set the tone for the day.

Tom has a special routine in his show to give attention to the person having the birthday. They get brought into the spotlight to a round of applause. Then they get a special balloon crown made and some other surprises as well. This is a funny way to make them king for the day. The birthday celebrant gets to be the center of attention and is the real hero of the show.

Birthday entertainment keeps kids happy & peaceful

If there are a lot of small kids on a party, making balloon figures is often desired. Dozens of animals, hats, flowers, hearts etc.  are possible. What Tom does not make are swords. These are easy to make but Tom has observed that if one kid has a sword then they all want one. Inevitably, they all start fighting and the party can take on a negative atmosphere. Tom chooses to be a more peaceful influence and stick to making positive objects. For older kids and even adults, a juggling workshop is another option. If wanted, Tom can do these in a separate room to give the rest of the adults a break from the children.

Performance is affordable as a group gift

Often people see Tom perform somewhere and have the spontaneous idea that hiring him would be the perfect gift for a birthday party or wedding celebration.  Such a performance is truly a unique present. The problem for private events is that Tom cost more than what many individuals might have intended to spend. Quality has its price yet Tom understands the dilemma. Rather than give up on the idea, one should think of community. As it is something everyone will enjoy, why not ask some of the friends or relatives to share the cost? Sometimes a special idea affords creative strategies to finance. Clown Tom Bolton’s birthday entertainment – makes the most out of your celebration!

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Exceptional Amusing For all ages

Clown entertainment for birthday parties


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