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Clown Tom Bolton can be booked for conventions, trade shows, trade fairs, product presentation or corporate events. Tom entertains and draws attention to your display at your trade-fair stand or can provide walk-around entertainment throughout the event location. Tom will keep you from being overlooked in the crowd.

Theme relevant improvisation combined with short shows when appropriate, Tom amuses the public so the sales personnel can better do their job in a positive atmosphere. He keeps the laughter flowing with his easy-going situation-comedy so your event can be fun yet productive.

Tom’s business education taught him the importance of goal oriented actions. Just being seen is not enough. Being the star of an event doesn’t necessarily lead to improved sales or new contacts. Thus Tom uses subtlety. His job is not to have people gawk and walk away but rather to spark an interest in your product or service and give your sales personnel an opening to present their offers.

While Tom won’t be taking orders from visitors directly, he can highlight new innovations or added features of your products. This is more personal and memorable than giving out sweets or balloons or being one more figure in a strange costume. The more information one can provide about their company and the market it is in, the more likely Tom can come up with a unique idea to appeal to their potential customers. Contact Tom soon and discuss how he can best represent your company or business and assist your sales staff. Clown Tom Bolton’s trade fair entertainment is the professionals‘ choice.

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