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German version video

Clown Tom Bolton’s video

The video is a collection of clips recorded at the XXL Festival in Bietigheim, Germany. It is just an example of how Tom uses technical skills, improvisation and audience participation. Juggler and Clown Tom can adapt his entertainment for all audiences and appeals equally to adults as well as kids. His family friendly performances are appropriate for all ages, cultures and classes. Tom’s audience participation provokes reactions but always in a humorous and positive way.


Tom’s entertainment is fun

Tom manages to attract an audience with or without a stage and needs no technical support. He can do his show at different locations at a festival if needed. Tom’s technical skills make him a favorite subject for filming. There are also many video clips to be found on Youtube and other sites posted by his many fans. The visual effect of having Tom’s performances filling their streets with happy people is immence. This makes Tom a favorite to hire for many cities and municiplities events. Clown Tom Bolton also offers walk-about entertainment. Alone or combined with shows, his spontaneous improvisation for every situation delights individuals or small groups even in places with limited space. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor event, Tom is flexible to adapt his  entertainment to a wide variety of situations.

Tom has performed around the world

Clown Tom Bolton’s over 30 years of experience on 5 continents can make him the highlight of your next event. He is available world-wide for businesses, clubs, municipalities or private events. It’s pure fun for everyone! Would like to experience Tom’s amazing performances live rather than just on video? See his start page for a complete overview of his clown entertainment.


Artistic & funny Live action Cutting edge performance

Clown Tom Bolton’s promo video

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