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  • 10 to 60 minutes long, 30 minutes optimal.
  • Up to 4 shows a day.
  • With or without a stage.
  • No special lighting, seating or equipment needed.
  • Appropriate for all ages and cultures.
  • Without speaking, with/without background music

Silent shows

Tom offers silent shows that can be accompanied with background music or without. He fits his performances to individual crowds whether just adults of kids or any mixture of age, nationality or culture. His style of entertainment is provocative but appropriate for all audiences. For most situations 30 minute shows are optimal but anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes is possible. Up to 4 shows of 30 minutes are possible per day. Preferably there should be at least 15 minutes break between shows, more if the location needs to be changed.

No stage or technicians needed

Toms show can be done on a stage or without. Especially for festivals; Tom can create the atmosphere to draw even hundreds of people together to form an audience – without the need for seating, lighting or special stage equipment. This also eliminates the need for technical support in most situations. It’s truly a one-man show. At most events the visitors move about and it is thus optimal for Tom to have a permanent place to do his show. But if needed, he can pack up and move his equipment to other locations within a few hundred meters within about 15 minutes. This can be important for organizers that have to provide entertainment in different areas. What Tom does require is space to move around a bit. Just a couple of square meters space at a festival is probably not big enough for his show with lots of spectators without blocking the way through. Tom also does juggling in his show so the space above is critical. For indoor gigs, the ceiling height should be considered. For open-air events; strings of lights, overhead cables or tree branches can be in the way. If the space overhead is limited, there are always routines Tom can still do but at some point certain tricks will have to be left out, shortening a possible show.

Lighting, sound checks

While Tom doesn’t need special lighting to entertain, the general lighting should be adequate. This means finishing outdoor performances before dark if there is no lit place. Indoors, some restaurants or bars tend to be rather dark to make a cozy atmosphere. Unfortunately, this can be too dark for audiences to properly follow a show. Although Tom doesn’t speak in his show, loud noise can also be disturbing for his audiences. It would seem obvious but it does happen that organizers make a festival and have a loud band playing right next to or across from Tom’s show. This is annoying for everyone. Tom doesn’t need silence but the crowds should be able to watch his show without unneeded music competing for attention. Sometimes Tom’s show is planned in front of a stage in between other acts. This can be a good way to fill up the time when a lot of equipment needs to be moved around. What one should NOT do is to make loud sound checks in the middle of his show. It is never appropriate to destroy on artist’s show just to do preparation for another.

Sound system

Tom often uses background music for his show. He has a small system for indoors for up to about 80 people. His larger system is strong enough for 300 or more people – even outdoors. Both systems run on batteries, no need for electricity. But Tom also often has a lot of equipment including a large suitcase and a tall unicycle for most shows and additional props if he also does walk-around entertainment. Because of this it is more practical if an organizer can provide their own sound system. Tom can then bring his music on CD or on a MP3 player but then there should be a mixing board in addition to loud speakers. If the situation is unsure then Tom generally brings one of his systems but it is nice when unneeded equipment can be left behind, especially since Tom uses public transportation like trains and bus whenever possible.

Shows better not done during a meal

Dinner shows have become popular entertainment. What is usually presented is short acts between the courses. A whole show rather than an act doesn’t fit to this situation because it is too distracting for people to eat and concentrate on a show at the same time. Suggested is to have a show before or after a meal. But this can be a time for Tom’s walk-around entertainment with quickly done gags between the tables. Clown Tom Bolton – the top address for extraordinary clown shows.

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