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Entertainment for weddings

Wedding entertainment for your special day

Weddings are one of the most special occasions to celebrate. Entertainment for weddings should be chosen with care. One’s relatives and closest friends are invited. Great food and fine location are chosen with care. Typically a live band or professional DJ will provide music. But who will really make the guest laugh and bring a smile to the children’s faces?

Then comes the great idea; a clown! But a typical mistake is to assume that all clowns ae the same. So why bother to spend more than needed since there are so many other expenses? The problem is that there is no surer way to ruin a wedding than by having a bad clown. Rain on your wedding day is nothing compared to an unexperienced clown tying to be funny. It’s like a baker mixing up the salt with the sugar when making the wedding cake.

Always hire a quality performer

One should always choose an experienced professional entertainer for possibly the most important party they will ever give. The kiddy clown might be boring and annoying for adults. A comedian – the same for the kids. One needs a performer that appeals as much to adults as to the children. The right clown can be the perfect choice. A cheap clown who bought a carnival costume and paints their face and thinks this makes them a performer is likely to be a disaster. The kids will be afraid and the adults embarrassed.

Tom is not the cheapest clown available but he has over 30 years of experience. He knows how to capture the heart of the little nieces and nephews while still appealing to grandma and grandpa. For even the fanciest of weddings, whether in a castle or 5 star hotel, Tom will offer entertainment on the highest level. Typically Tom’s show will be highlight. This is often presented after the main meal, possibly as a bridge to dancing. In addition, Tom can greet guests as they arrive. Later while people are having champagne or snacks, Tom can float between the tables and improvise gags with every situation.

Special considerations for weddings

Tom suggests that his show gets presented to all of the guests. Yet for some celebrations it’s desired that he then focuses on the kids to give the adults more time with each other. This can even be done in a separate room if available. There, Tom can do further gags, a juggling workshop and balloon animals to keep the little ones occupied. Tom does not offer face painting but can recommend colleagues in the Stuttgart area who do.

And for the romantics, Tom likes to present a special balloon creation; a red heart with 2 kissing white doves. One quickly recognizes what it is without explanation and understands the symbol of love and commitment. It’s a small gesture that seems to stick in people’s minds years later along with fantastic memories of how charmed the crowd was with Tom’s performance. One can rely on Tom to take charge and make sure everyone has fun.

Give gift as a group

People often see Tom’s show somewhere and have the idea that engaging him would be the perfect gift for a wedding party. This can truly be a unique and unforgettable present. The question is then how to finance it? Quality has its price yet it might be more than an individual intended to spend. One should think of the power of community. Everyone will share the enjoyment, so why not request some of the friends or relatives to share the cost? Creative plans sometimes afford creative financing. Clown Tom Bolton’s wedding entertainment – the choice for people with humor and taste.



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Quality entertainment for weddings

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