The action comedy show that's fun for everyone!

Car dealer entertainment


Entertainment for auto dealers, car sellers for open houses and new model presentations.

Clown Tom Bolton can be booked for open-houses, new model presentations or any special occasion at car dealers. Clown Tom Bolton has lots of experience performing for car dealers. Combining short shows with theme relevant improvisation, he amuses the adults and especially keeps the kids entertained so the sales personel can do their job in a positive atmosphere.

Every situation is used to entertain; like cleaning, inspecting, measuring or fixing the cars. The clown driver uses racing googles to demonstrate the convertible and his handy umbrella not only keeps the rain off but doubles as an emergency brake! Tom keeps the laughter flowing with his easy-going situation-comedy so your event can be fun yet productive. Especially for the kids he can also do balloon-twisting; making a racing helmet, car or any number of animals.

Events like open houses are different than festivals. There is usually a flow of participants but usually not a lot of people at one time.  The goal is not to have the clown be the star with a bombastic show. More sensible is to pace the entertainment out over the day, entertaining in the background without always being the center of attention. Having the world’s best clown but not selling cars is not the goal. Rather, having a good atmosphere so nobody, especially the kids, gets bored and letting the sales people make their presentations is.     Gutenbergstr. 73, 70196 Stuttgart, Germany   Tel. +49 (0)711 6741600